Why Maryland Crabs are the East Coast's Memorial Day Must-Have


Memorial Day weekend. The sun's finally out, the grill's fired up, and everyone's itching for a taste of summer. But on the East Coast, there's one dish that takes center stage: Maryland crabs!

These aren't your average crustaceans, folks. We're talking about plump, juicy delicacies that have been a Maryland tradition for centuries. And let's face it, after a long winter cooped up inside, what better way to celebrate summer than with a messy, delicious crab feast?

Here's the down-low on why Maryland crabs are the clawesome stars of Memorial Day:

Maryland sits on the Chesapeake Bay, a rich ecosystem that breeds some of the most flavorful crabs on the planet. The cooler, saltier waters create a sweetness and texture that other crabs just can't match.

 Memorial Day falls right around the peak of crab season. The crabs are nice and full after a winter of bulking up, making them perfect for picking and pulling that sweet, sweet meat.

Crab feasts are all about gathering with friends and family. Picture a table piled high with steaming crabs, bowls of JO seasoning or Old Bay seasoning (the crab's BFF), and buckets overflowing with discarded shells. It's messy, it's loud, and it's a guaranteed good time.

Crabs are a Maryland tradition, and Memorial Day is a chance to celebrate heritage. It's a way to connect with the generations who came before us, who enjoyed these same feasts on these same shores.

So, this Memorial Day, ditch the hot dogs and burgers (although, hey, there's always room for those too!). Grab a bib, some mallet-wielding enthusiasm, and get ready to experience a true East Coast tradition. Just be warned – once you've sunk your teeth into a perfectly steamed Maryland crab, there's no going back!

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