Red Lobster: Crushed by a Shrimpalanche?


Red Lobster, the seafood haven famous for bottomless biscuits and questionable nautical puns, faced rough waters recently. While whispers swirled of a shrimp-induced apocalypse, the truth behind the restaurant closures is a little less crustacean calamity, and a whole lot more complex.

Here's the scuttlebutt: Red Lobster launched their legendary "Endless Shrimp" promotion. The idea? Diners could go gills-first into a smorgasbord of shrimpy delights for one flat fee. It was a dream come true for shellfish fanatics, a nightmare for Red Lobster's accountants.

Apparently, endless shrimp meant exactly that. Customers, with the unwavering determination of a shark in a feeding frenzy, descended upon the all-you-can-eat armada. Social media went bananas with tales of heroic feats - 108 shrimp devoured in one sitting, a mountain of crustacean castoffs taller than a butter-dipped Cheddar Bay biscuit.

While the internet cheered these champions of gluttony, Red Lobster's freezers were left weeping. The company underestimated the sheer willpower (and possibly the hollow legs) of the American public when faced with a mountain of shellfish. The result? A shrimp-shaped dent in their profits.

Did Red Lobster truly go belly up because of the Endless Shrimp? Not exactly. The promotion was one factor in a larger financial struggle. But it certainly added a hilarious layer to the story.

The next time you find yourself at a buffet, remember the brave souls who fought the good fight at Red Lobster. They may not have single-handedly sunk the company, but they sure did put the "endless" in Endless Shrimp.
*Images sourced from Google images.

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