Beach Sand Holes Can Be Fatal


Sand holes at the beach can be deceptively dangerous, especially for children, but for adults as well. 

 When you dig holes in the sand, you might not realize that even relatively small holes can collapse suddenly. Wet sand appears sturdy, but it’s an illusion. As sand dries out, it loses cohesion, making it prone to collapse. A footfall near a sand hole can shatter its integrity, causing the sand to move and bury anyone inside.

 Sand hole collapses claim lives each year. A recent study found 52 incidents of dangerous collapsing sand holes in the U.S. between 1990 and 2007. Over half of these incidents were fatal, and many survivors required resuscitation. Sand holes are about as deadly as shark attacks during the same period. 

When a sand hole collapses, it can pin down arms and legs, making it difficult for lungs to expand. In worst cases, it covers noses and mouths, leading to suffocation. 

    Beach goers should be aware of these risks and monitor beach activities and instead build sandcastles, rather than digging deep holes.
    Images sourced from Telegraph, WCNC News, and Google Images

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