Lonely Lucy Seeks a Friend by the Pond: A Feathered Resident of Rockville


Have you ever

visited the picturesque pond off King Farm Road near Piccard Drive in Rockville? If so, you might have encountered Lucy, a Canadian Goose with a heart of gold (or, perhaps more accurately, a heart of feathers).

Lucy, unfortunately, isn't your average goose. She's lost her partner, leaving her all alone by the tranquil waters. This loneliness casts a shadow over her days, but Lucy has a surprising solution – she craves conversation!

Despite her goosey exterior, Lucy is a gentle soul who yearns for interaction. Whenever someone approaches the pond, she paddles with surprising enthusiasm, eager to get closer. She doesn't honk for handouts, but listens intently as visitors talk to her, tilting her head with a curious glint in her eye.

A Foodie with a Twist:

While Lucy enjoys the occasional snack – apples, corn, and even the occasional banana are her favorites – bread is a big no-no! It's best to avoid feeding her processed foods and stick to these healthier options.

Lucy: The Friendliest Goose in Town

Unlike some geese who might chase after you with a hiss, Lucy is a true friend. She remembers those who chat with her and always comes waddling over when called by name.

So, the next time you find yourself by the King Farm Road pond, take a moment to say hello to Lucy. A friendly conversation with this lonely goose might just brighten both your day and hers. Remember, a simple chat and some healthy treats can make a world of difference to a feathered friend in need.

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