Cicada Escape: Maryland Edition (Pet-Friendly Options Included!)


For some Marylanders, the return of the cicadas is less like a natural wonder and more like a symphony of buzzing annoyance. If you'd rather skip the chorus this year, but your furry friend comes first, fear not! Here are some local escapes perfect for you and your pet to avoid the cicada serenade.

Beach Bliss:

Ocean City: Sandy soil is a cicada turn-off, making Ocean City a haven for peace and quiet (well, besides the waves!). Many dog-friendly hotels are available, with some offering rates under $150 a night. Think walks on the beach, sunshine, and the soothing sound of the ocean – a perfect escape!

Embrace the Mountains:

Western Maryland: Head towards the higher elevations of Western Maryland. Cicadas tend to prefer lower-lying areas, so explore the beauty of places like Garrett County or Deep Creek Lake. Many pet-friendly cabins and rentals are available, offering stunning scenery and a chance to reconnect with nature (minus the buzzing kind).

Lake Life:

State Parks: Maryland boasts numerous state parks with stunning lakes perfect for a pet-friendly getaway. Places like Point Lookout State Park or Cunningham Falls State Park offer cabins, campsites, and plenty of outdoor activities for you and your furry companion. Remember to check for pet restrictions and leash laws before you go.

Beyond the Backyard:

Dog-Friendly Businesses: Several Maryland businesses cater to canine companions. Check out dog cafes, breweries with outdoor seating, or pet stores that host social events. This is a great way to escape the cicadas while giving your furry friend some quality socialization time.

A Few Reminders:

Plan Ahead: As cicada season ramps up, book your escape early, especially for pet-friendly accommodations.

Pack Smart: Don't forget your pet's essentials like food, bowls, leash, bed, and any medications they might need.

Respect the Environment: No matter where your escape takes you, always clean up after your pet and leave no trace.

So, Marylanders, take a deep breath! With a little planning and these pet-friendly options, you and your furry friend can enjoy a cicada-free escape. Now go forth and conquer the (quiet) outdoors!

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