Nostradamus’ Predictions for 2024

Nostradamus, the renowned astrologer and seer from the 16th century, left behind cryptic writings known as quatrains. While his predictions are often open to interpretation, here are some intriguing insights attributed to him for the year 2024:

Economic Hardships: Nostradamus seemed to foresee financial struggles in his grim prophecy: “So high will the bushel of wheat rise / That man will be eating his fellow man.” Thankfully, this remains metaphorical, but it reflects the everyday financial challenges faced by many people recently. The rising prices of food, gas, mortgage, apartment rents! 

Climate Catastrophe: Climate chaos is already evident with violent storms, wildfires, and rising temperatures. We have many record heat days now! Nostradamus predicted: “The dry earth will grow more parched, and there will be great floods.” He also warned of “Very great famine through pestiferous wave,” possibly referring to tsunamis and huge rain downspouts that rot crops,  disrupt  agriculture and lead to crop disease and human and animal starvation.

Confrontation with China: As geopolitical tensions rise, Nostradamus wrote about a vision of “combat and naval battle,” where the “Red adversary will become pale with fear, putting the great Ocean in dread.” Some interpret this as a reference to a potential conflict with communist China. Think Taiwan! 

Royal Turmoil and Humanitarian Disasters: His writings remain vague, but Nostradamus’ quatrains hint at continued global strife-social unrest , severe weather events-water wars, and turmoil within royal circles- the “ Where is Princess Kate” movement, more cancers among young people, etc. India is predicted to rise above  in every way.  AI will cause us to not work so hard. Pope will seem to weaken the Catholic Church, he predicts.  

Nostradamus' writings are open to interpretation, but some predictions people associate with 2024 include:


New World War: Nostradamus supposedly foresaw a new war 79 years after WWII, which could be linked to current conflicts (…).


    Climate Change: Nostradamus' cryptic verses might hint at worsening weather patterns, floods, and droughts due to climate change (

    Earthquake: A major earthquake causing devastation is another possibility some glean from his writings (

       Nostradamus’ predictions are enigmatic and subject to interpretation. While some events align with historical occurrences, others remain speculative. These predictions continue to captivate our imagination and curiosity about the future.

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