Spain Ceded Florida to America on Feb 22, 1819


February 22nd, 1819, the Florida Purchase Treaty was signed by Spanish minister Do Luis de Onis and U.S. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams. This treaty cemented the deal and Spain officially ceded Florida to the United States.

Spain ruled Florida in 1565 but faced challenges from Native Americans and British colonists. They lost Florida to the British in 1763 but got it back later.

    After the US gained independence from Britain, things got messy in Florida. Spain couldn't keep control, and the US wanted the land.

    Before Spanish arrival, numerous Native American communities, with diverse cultures and languages, thrived in Florida for millennia. Their land claims overlapped and shifted over time. From the 16th century, Spanish forces established settlements and asserted control over parts of Florida, impacting and displacing Indigenous populations through: Wars, enslavement, and disease caused significant losses:  Attempts to convert and assimilate Indigenous people disrupted traditional ways of life: Through treaties, coercion, and conflict, Indigenous groups lost control over much of their territory.

      By the early 19th century, Spain's hold on Florida weakened. Facing conflicts with both Indigenous groups and the expanding United States, Spain ceded the territory through the 1819 Florida Purchase Treaty.

      The treaty had little regard for Indigenous rights and sovereignty. Many Native Americans remained in Florida, facing further pressure and displacement from the US government and settlers.

      While Spain's colonization undoubtedly harmed and displaced Indigenous communities, they weren't the sole "owners" of Florida. The statement simplifies a complex historical process with lasting consequences for Indigenous communities.

      In 1819, the US and Spain made a trade. Spain gave up Florida, and the US agreed to pay some debts owed to Americans. The US officially took over in 1821. Andrew Jackson became governor at that time. Florida became a US territory in 1822. In 1845, it joined the US as a state.

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