Oct 28th:  A Celestial Spectacle! Full Hunter’s Moon.


 The Full Hunter's Moon! 

On October 28th, the night sky will be illuminated by the Full Hunter's Moon, a celestial event that has fascinated humans for centuries. But what makes this moon so special?

The Full Hunter's Moon gets its name from the Native American tribes who used the bright light of this particular full moon to hunt game and prepare for the winter. It was a time when the fields were freshly harvested and the deer were fattened, making it an ideal time for hunting. 

The Full Hunter's Moon is known for its bright orange color, similar to a pumpkin, which is fitting given its proximity to Halloween. This color is due to its path across the sky. As it rises, it appears larger and more orange to the naked eye because we're viewing it through a greater amount of Earth's atmosphere. 

The Full Hunter's Moon has been steeped in mythology and folklore. In many cultures, it was seen as a symbol of abundance and change. The Celts, for instance, associated it with their harvest festival, Samhain, which eventually evolved into Halloween.

To get the best view of the Full Hunter's Moon, try to find a spot away from city lights. Bring a blanket and some hot cocoa, and let your eyes adjust to the darkness.

The Full Hunter's Moon is not just another phase of our lunar neighbor; it's a symbol of change, abundance, and the shifting seasons. Look out on October 28, 2023. Image sourced from Bing Image 2023. 

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