The Ghost of Urbana, Maryland: The Haunted Landon House


Urbana, Maryland, is home to a haunting tale that has captivated the imagination of locals and visitors alike. The story centers around the Landon House, a historic structure with a rich and eerie past. 

The Landon House, constructed in 1754, originally sat along the Rappahannock River. Initially intended to be a silk mill, the building was later relocated to Urbana, Maryland. Over the years, it served various purposes - from an academy for females to a Military Academy. It was also used to confine slaves in its basement. 

As the Civil War unfolded, General J.E.B Stuart took ownership of the home. The house transformed from a social hub for the elite to a makeshift hospital following one of the deadliest battles ever.  Many soldiers who were confined to the house for care met their fate within its walls.

Since its days as a hospital, employees and visitors have reported numerous paranormal events. The basement area, where slaves were once held, is particularly active. Visitors often report a strange cold sensation, the feeling of being watched, or even a slight tap from an unseen force.

Apparitions of soldiers dressed in Civil War attire have been seen both on the property surrounding the Landon House and within the house itself. Paranormal investigators believe these spirits are residual hauntings.

The Landon House, also known as the Stancioff House, is located at 3401 Urbana Pike (MD 355), Urbana, Frederick County, Maryland, United States.

The Landon House is presently closed.  Image from Historical Marker Database. Source: Bing Oct 25, 2023. 

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