October 16- Show Your Boss That You Care!


 Boss's Day: A Celebration of Leadership  The Origin of Boss's Day

Boss's Day, celebrated annually on October 16, is a special day dedicated to showing appreciation for the leaders who guide and support us in the workplace. The concept of National Boss Day began in 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski, an employee at State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield, Illinois, registered the holiday with the United States Chamber of Commerce. She designated October 16 as the special day because it was her father's birthday. 

Haroski created the holiday to improve office relationships between supervisors and their employees and to raise awareness of all the hard work bosses put into their jobs.  She felt younger employees didn't appreciate their bosses enough, and knowing firsthand what her father went through to make a company run smoothly, she set out to change that viewpoint. 

The Importance of a Good Boss

A boss’s managerial style and attitude significantly impact the work environment and morale of employees. Fair and kind bosses make work-life balance easy, and some even assist in navigating and paving career paths. This is exactly why National Boss Day was created — to express gratitude to all great bosses, and appreciate all they do to make work a collaborative effort and a success. 

Celebrating Boss's Day

So how do you celebrate a boss or a manager in a truly “boss” way? ( Pardon the pun- lol) ! 
We have some creative ideas:

1. Send a Personalized Group Ecard: With diverse assortment of designs, from classic to funny, you can select the perfect card that captures your heartfelt appreciation sentiment for your employer. 

2. Appreciation Wall: Dedicate a space in your office where everyone can write or post their messages of appreciation for the boss. 

3. Office Makeover Surprise: Decorate the workspace with new things or just balloons, streamers or anything that your boss likes. 

4. Lunch Treat: Treat your boss to lunch or bring in snacks or treats for everyone to enjoy.

5. A Day of Desserts: AM- Doughnuts and Coffee, Afternoon: fresh fruit tray ,  and Late Afternoon- cupcakes , cookies, ice cream and/or special cake. 

6. After all of those wonderful sweet treats, how about organizing a charitable fun run for a worthy cause such as the local animal shelter, book drive, hats for the homeless, or toys for the holidays? 

7. Give to a local charity in your bosses’ name! The Gaithersburg Food Bank would be a wonderful cause.

8.  A Simple Thank You: Sometimes, a simple thank you can mean a lot. Let your boss know how much you appreciate their hard work and guidance with words. 

9. Treat your boss to a theater show or tickets to a sporting event! 

10. And if no one has won that gazillion - bazillion  dollar jackpot by Oct 16th- buy your boss a few lottery tickets and wish them good luck! ( Don’t forget to sneak in a clause that if they win you get half! Lol) 

The best Boss’ Day gift ideas are sincere but not over the top. So whether you’re waiting for National Boss’s Day on October 16 or you’re ready to go ahead and recognize them for being awesome now, try to make this Boss Appreciation Day truly special one. 

*Image courtesy of Freepic.com

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