June 25th is National Children’s Day!


 Celebrate National Kids Day on June 25

Did you know that June 25 is National Kids Day in the U.S.? This is a day to honor and celebrate the children in our lives and in our society. It is also a day to raise awareness of the challenges and issues that many children face around the world.

What is National Kids Day?

National Kids Day was created by Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard from Chelsea, Massachusetts, in 1856. He wanted to dedicate a special service for children and baptize them. He called it Rose Day, then Flower Sunday, and finally Children's Day².

Since then, the date of National Kids Day has changed several times. In 1989, President Bill Clinton declared that it would be observed on the second Sunday of October every year¹. However, in 2009, Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois proclaimed that it would be celebrated on the second Sunday of June every year². This is the date that most people follow today.

Why is National Kids Day important?

National Kids Day is important because it reminds us of the value and importance of children in our society. Children are the future leaders, innovators, and citizens of our world. They deserve respect, protection, education, health, and happiness.

Unfortunately, many children do not enjoy these rights and opportunities. According to Save the Children, more than 150 million children are engaged in child labor, more than 260 million children are out of school, and more than 5 million children die every year from preventable causes².

National Kids Day is a day to advocate for the welfare and well-being of children everywhere. It is also a day to appreciate the joy and wonder that children bring to our lives. Children are playful, creative, curious, and resilient. We can learn a lot from them and have fun with them.

How can you celebrate National Kids Day?

There are many ways you can celebrate National Kids Day with your family, friends, or community. Here are some ideas:

- Spend quality time with your children or grandchildren. Play games, read books, watch movies, or go for a walk together.

- Volunteer for a local organization that supports children's causes. You can donate money, clothes, toys, or books to a charity that helps children in need.

- Learn about the history and culture of children from different countries. You can watch documentaries, listen to music, or cook a traditional dish from another part of the world.

- Write a letter or make a card with caretaker permission for a child who is sick or lonely. You can send it to a hospital, an orphanage, or a foster home.

- Teach your children or students about their rights and responsibilities as citizens. You can use the Declaration of the Rights of the Child as a guide¹.

Whatever you do, make sure you celebrate National Kids Day with love and gratitude for the children in your life. They are precious gifts that deserve our care and attention.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 6/24/2023

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