The One Color To Wear If You Hate Mosquitoes!


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By Amy Glover

The One Color To Wear If You Hate Mosquitoes

The One Colour To Wear If You Hate Mosquitoes

And let's be real here, who doesn't?

21/06/2023 10:25am BST

Picture the scene. You’re packed a gorgeous picnic. You’ve bought the perfect blanket. You might even *gasp* have splashed out on a comfy deck chair. Bliss.

Inevitably, though, day turns to evening – and in true vampiric style, vibe-ruining mosquitoes arise as the sun sinks.

To be honest, you probably don’t have to waste that much imagination thinking of the blood-feeding fiends. They thrive in summer and can attack you everywhere from your bedroom to your lawn.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent what feels like a fortune on repellant sprays, citronella candles and soothing after-bite remedies.

Thankfully, though, it seems there are some easier steps we can take to banish everyone’s least favourite insect when we’re out and about.

In fact, it turns out that mosquitoes hate some colours more than others – so just changing up your wardrobe could offer some sweet relief.

We thought we’d share the shades they hate, and explain why it works.

Mosquitoes are basically goths

Remember when I was making the vampire comparisons earlier? Yeah, well the pesky pests aren’t exactly beating those allegations.

The flies like to hang out in dark areas – meaning they’re attracted to dark clothes, like black or navy blue items.

So, to repel mosquitoes, wearing white (or another light or pastel colour) is wise.

And as Zahid Adnan from The Plant Bible explained to Homes & Gardens, white clothing is cooling to the skin in a way that repels mozzies.

“Dark colours tend to retain heat, and mosquitoes are drawn to heat and carbon dioxide, which we naturally emit,” he said. “Therefore, wearing lighter-coloured clothing can potentially make you less appealing to mosquitoes.”

Adnan adds that you should consider making your outdoor furniture or even light-coloured plants into your lawn.

And if you absolutely refuse to wear light or pastel colours, you could also try neutral or earth tones. These help you blend into your environment and could be less appealing to the pests.

Any other tips?

Yes! If you really want to avoid every last mosquito, pros recommend you:

Use mosquito repellent;

Wear or diffuse essential oils, like lemon eucalyptus, catnip, cinnamon, citronella, lemongrass, and rose oil;

Use a fan;

Remove any still or ‘standing’ water;

Cover up with long-sleeved clothing and trousers.

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