Are You Being Interviewed by an AI Bot?


From WTOP News: by Jeff  Clabaugh 

Many companies already use software to screen resumes — and more are planning to turn to technology for the actual job interview itself.

A recent ResumeBuilder survey of more than 1,000 HR managers, most at large companies, found 43% of companies already have or plan to adopt artificial intelligence interviews by 2024.

Two-thirds believe AI interviews will increase hiring efficiency.

However, AI interviews also risk backfiring, with the majority of those HR managers responding to the survey saying it is very likely or somewhat likely that they would eliminate candidates that are worthy of consideration for the job.

Artificial intelligence may have the potential of taking the “human” out of human resources, with more than half believing AI will eventually replace human hiring managers.

Others say that is unlikely long-term.

“There is no way technology could replace human interface, human intuition, gut feelings, interaction with people on a human level. I think people are just looking for costs and efficiencies,” Stacie Haller, chief career advisor at ResumeBuilder. “And when they find out that the costs and efficiencies aren’t for the best of their organization going forward, then they may take another look at this.”

One-third of HR managers responding to the survey said their company does not have plans to incorporate AI interviews, saying they prefer direct interactions with applications or that there are too many unknown outcomes and risks.

Haller believes a job seeker being subjected to an AI interview is at a disadvantage.

“When people are on interviews, you’re watching the other person, you’re responding to their reactions to what you are saying, and a lot is lost obviously,” she said. “It is a different skill set if you are being interviewed by a bot rather than a human being.”

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