What is AI ( Artificial Intelligence )


**What is AI?**

AI stands for artificial intelligence. It is a type of computer program that can do things that humans can do, like think, learn, and make decisions. AI is used in a lot of different ways, like in self-driving cars, medical diagnosis, and even video games.

Elon Musk, (the owner of Twitter, co-founder of Open AI, head of Telsa, head of SpaceX and Neurolink, Robotic Optimus, Truth GPT),  met with Senator Chuck Schumer and Congress on April 28th to discuss the importance of AI regulation. While AI will offer many wonderful advantages and make life much more convenient with new medical discoveries and easier ways to achieve tasks, there are some frightening scenarios if AI is used incorrectly. 
Let’s first look at how wonderful this new technology is: 
If you would like to use a simple version of AI right now, you can download BING by Microsoft or BARD by Google. Ask these AI conversational models anything and you will get detailed answers within seconds. There is a sign-up for BARD as it’s still in development, however you can start using Microsoft BING right away. Just try to always remember to type a “thank you” and be polite as these AI machines learn human behavior through you-and we always want them to learn for the good when possible.

You can use the CHATGPT’s to find out information and help you to write many things including poems, letters, essays, wills, legal papers, etc. Have fun exploring with BING and BARD. You can give it a list of groceries and ask it to create a 5 day menu with recipes for you; or plan a trip itinerary; find out a summary of all the reviews for a neighborhood, apartment complex or restaurant. If you are allergic to shellfish, diary, or other ingredients, it can create menus within seconds without those allergies. ChatGPT can create schedules, help you study a new language, help you with organization , provide you with research on any subject! At times, you may need to recheck responses as AI is still learning and is known to “hallucinate” at times.  There are hundreds of AI’s that can assist you with information, but Bing and Bard for now are the most popular ones.

If in the wrong hands, AI could create many problems that can be frightening: such as creating a global financial crisis with no access to banks or even crashing the entire banking system such as ATM and cash flow, interruption to our food, water and medical supplies, create fake information with fake voices and faces ( called deepfake) that could start civil unrest, influence political elections, interrupt gps causing transportation systems such as cars and airplanes to crash, use weapons of mass destruction, make it more difficult to tell what is real versus what is made up, etc. So it is crucial that there are regulations in place to monitor how AI is being programmed if possible. This is an informative video discussing the responsibilities regarding programming of AI.  

(  https://youtu.be/xoVJKj8lcNQ  )

It is important to note that there are many countries, companies as well as a few individuals working on getting the most powerful AI system as this may determine world domination and enormous power. Eventually, AI will be installed in more robots. Boston Dynamics is working on creating more robots. Updated @2:10 PM : Just learned that Boston Dynamics has uploads ChatGPT to their robot dog that can communicate verbally with you using Google’s speech program. New York City recently announced that it would be using robotic dogs to help with crime prevention. Uber Ears have used robots in San Francisco to deliver food. AI in robots could make them perform even more tasks such as home health aides, cashiers, clerks, conversational bots, or even in nefarious bots in weaponized drones. 

**How is AI impacting our community?**

AI is already having a big impact on our community. For example, AI is being used to:

* Help doctors diagnose diseases more accurately.

* Create self-driving cars that are safer than human drivers.

* Personalize education so that each student learns at their own pace.

**How will AI impact our community in the future?**

As AI continues to develop, it is likely to have an even bigger impact on our community. For example, AI could be used to:

* Create new jobs that we can't even imagine today.

* Solve some of the world's biggest problems, like climate change and poverty.

* Make our lives easier and more convenient in ways that we can't even think of yet.

**How can AI benefit blue collar workers, retirees, and businesses?**

AI can benefit blue collar workers by:

* Automating some of the repetitive tasks that they do, freeing them up to do more complex tasks.

* Creating new jobs in the field of AI

AI can benefit retirees by:

* Providing them with companionship and assistance with tasks like grocery shopping and transportation.

* Providing them with access to educational and entertainment opportunities.

AI can benefit businesses by:

* Improving efficiency and productivity.

* Creating new products and services.


Most of you are not AI programmers-you can not actually program anything into the actual AI system as only a few very skilled and specially trained professionals can do that which is why there needs to be close monitoring and regulation for as many countries are programming these. However, AI CHATGPT does learn through all of us through direct interaction on Google, Yahoo, Safari,  or other search engines and through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Tic-Tock, etc, which harvest all of our data- every single keystroke and emoji. 

AI is here. It is embedded in our lives whether we want to ignore it or not. There are so many wonderful things that AI can do for everyone. Learn as much as you can and try to understand how it will affect your everyday life. It’s a wonderful technology. Hopefully Elon Musk’s efforts to get regulations in place will be effective; however this needs to happen on a global scale -every country needs to be on board. Elon Musk is also working on his own AI system that he says will be called “Truth GPT “.  Some have questioned how he will determine such. 

*AI is a powerful technology that has the potential to have a big impact on our community. It is important to understand the potential benefits and risks of AI so that we can make informed decisions about how to use this technology. * Bard

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